Run an MSI as an Administrator

I recently ran into an issue trying to fix a failed deployment of Flash Player.  To get around this, I tried to just run the msi manually.  When I did this, even though I was logged in with an account with admin rights, I got an error message saying that I did not have admin rights, and would need to have them to proceed.  This alone was odd, but I figured okay, I’ll just right-click and select Run as administrator.  Unfortunately though, this was not an option.  There is, however, a proper way to do this.

blog1First, open a command prompt as an administrator. From the Start Menu, right click on Command Prompt and then click on Run as administrator.



blog2Next, navigate to the location of the msi that you wish to install.  The msi that I am installing in my example is flash-15-0.0.239.msi.  Once you are there, use the Windows Installer (msiexec) command to install the msi.


For this example, the command would be:  msiexec /i flash-

From there, the installer should run with no problems.