VMWare Tools Stopped Running on CentOS

One of the things I do periodically is run a program called RVTools against my VMWare servers and just check the Health tab for issues.  I did this recently and noticed that VMWare tools stopped running on a couple of my CentoOS machines.  Here’s how I figured it out and resolved the problem.

First, you can run this:

Okay, that seemed kinda obvious.  Let’s see what we get when we try to start the service:

Obviously we have a problem here.  A little searching and I ran across a post on the VMWware Community that suggested running vmware-config-tools.pl to resolve the issue.  On CentOS, you can find this in /usr/bin but may be in other locations on other distros.  When you run this, it’s similar to running vmware-install.pl when you are first installing VMWare tools in that is asks you a couple of questions about your setup.  You can add the  -d switch at the end to just take the defaults.

This takes a minute to run.  And at the bottom, you will see that is looks like it did not work.  I found however that starting that service manually worked just fine and after that, everything appeared to be good to go.