Connecting a Canon MFP to Office 365

We recently migrated our Email service from an on premise Exchange server to Microsoft’s hosted Office 365 platform.  We are still retaining the Exchange server for some admin functions, and the ability to act as a mail relay for devices such as printers and scanners that need to send email.  We decided that we wanted to eliminate the need for the mail server wherever possible though and point any devices that we can straight to Office 365.

Create An Account

In the past when we set up MFPs for scanning, we generally used fake email address such as noreply@domain.tld, or workroom@domain.tld.  With office 365, you will have to use a legitimate email address with password.  We just created a user called Scanned Documents with the address scanned.documents@domain.tld.  Since we are a non-profit, we have E2 licenses available for use that don’t cost us anything, and we assigned one of these licenses to this account.

Change to SMTP to Port 587

By default the Canon MFPs use port 25 for SMTP like most other devices do.  To use Office 365 as your mail server, you will need to change this to port 587.  This will have to be done on the printer itself, not from the web console.  If you do a Google search for “change canon smtp port” you will find plenty of resources on this.  I followed along with this video myself, and had no problems with it.  If your copier is under a service contract, you can probably also contact your vendor and have them do this for you.

The video will tell you reboot your machine after you have made your changes.  You can hold off on this if you have other changes to make, like the ones below.

DNS Settings

We’ve only done a couple of these machines so far, but we had some thoughts on DNS.  First, these machines do not need to be able to resolve names of any of our internal devices.  Second, if we ever change the IP addresses of our DNS servers, which has happened in the past, this could cause these machines to stop sending.  For that reason, for now anyway, we have decided to use Google’s public DNS servers of and on these machines.  So far so good.

Edit the Send Settings

This part can be done from the web interface of the MPF.  Logon to the machine and click on Settings/Registration.  Then under Function Settings click on Send, and then on Network Settings – E-Mail/I-Fax Settings.  Some key fields that need to be filled in are:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Email Address:  (the address of the account that you are going to use)
  • Allow SSL or Allow TLS (SMTP TX) – Make sure this is checked.  What this is called seems to vary depending on the model of MFP.
  • Use SMTP Authentication – Make sure this is checked
  • User:  (the address of the account that you are going to use)
  • In the password section, enter the password for this user account.

Make sure to reboot the machine after you have made your changes.

Here is a screenshot from a Canon iR-ADV 6555 that we set up this morning: